The information you provide to the Snowbird Alumni (SBA) will be used only to help the function of the SBA.  We will not share your info with any outside party or group.  We ask that you provide only what you are comfortable providing.  But, please fill out as much as possible as you are helping to shape and form what this group is and will become in the future.  Your participation is the biggest value of the SBA.

With the creation of the SBA we are also looking to build a social and business network.  Hopefully, something fun and useful.  It would be great if we can foster relationships with each other that can provide resource for all the different endeavors, projects, and business needs that may lie ahead.

Our Mission is to create a network of former Snowbird Team Members, Coaches, Parents and Honorary Alums.  We the SBA are united by a passion for Skiing & Snowboarding.  We exist to support and extend the ideals, goals, promise of the SBSEF.  We do this by donating our time, our money and resources.  We provide the SBSEF and its athletes with funding, new opportunities, professional guidance and mentorship in all ways that we can.  We believe that through nurturing and creating great people, comes great dreams, great accomplishments and great times.