Fostering development through community support.

The SBSEF plays an important role in our local community as well as the larger worldwide ski community. Our community is a connected group of athletes, parents, coaches, schools and supporters which all work together to make our programs possible. This season we are pleased to announce partnerships with local schools, allowing student athletes the opportunity to participate in a winter study/training program without having to enroll in a private school.

In cooperation with the public schools, we have organized an early release for week day training at Snowbird.  Please contact Tami Strong ( for further information.

School Partners

Oakridge Elementary, Churchill Jr. High School and Skyline High School

Oakridge Elementary, Churchill Junior High and Skyline High School along with Snowbird Ski team are excited to announce a partnership to promote the success of our skiers both in competitive skiing and academics! 

The elements of this program include:

  • Students will have home release so they can attend trainings.
  • Students at Churchill will have a directed studies class on Tuesday during 4th period to help them stay on top of missing work due to competitions.
  • Counselors will work with individual students to try to maximize their schedules for obtaining both core credit and still being able to get elective choices.
  • Students will be recognized, as with other school athletes, for their success in competitions.
  • Students will have a room where they can lock and store equipment.
  • Snowbird will have a designated parking area where they can pick up and drop off students.  

For more detailed information specific to each School contact Tami Strong 801-553-7079.