SBSEF SKI AND SNOWBOARD SWAP: A New and Used Equipment Sale

When:  Sept 25 -- 12 noon - 7pm
             Sept 26 & 27 -- 10am - 6pm

Where: Snowbird Ski and Summer Resort, Snowbird Center 2nd Level

Come and enjoy beautiful Snowbird and Oktoberfest while picking up gear at bargain prices at the upcoming Ski & Snowboard Swap.  Take advantage of selling your own gear for $$$ !

Questions?  See below...

What is a Ski & Snowboard Swap?  A ski and Snowboard Swap is an event open to the general public where you can sell your used gear or shop for gear to buy for the upcoming season.  If you put items into the swap to sell, 25% of the profit will go to support the Snowbird Sports Education Foundation, a non-profit Ski and Snowboard competition program located at Snowbird.

Will the Ski and Snowboard Swap have new gear as well?  Yes!  There will be vendors participating with new skis, boards, boots, gloves, hats,  helmets, winter clothing etc...for sale!

Does it cost for me to put my gear into the swap to sell? No!  There is no tag or admission fee to the Swap.

What if I don't know how much to sell my gear for?  Not a problem.  We can assist you with pricing.  You can also take a look at what the going rate is for used gear that is in the swap.

Is there an age cut off for used Ski and Snowboard Equipment?  Yes.  We do not accept anything older than 10 year or that is not in working condition.

When and Where do I bring my used gear to sell?  We accept items starting Friday Sept 25th 11:30am - 7pm and Saturday from 10am - 6pm.   You bring them these items to the Snowbird Center, level 2 and someone will assist you to check in your items to sell in the Swap.

When can collect my money for my items that sell or pick up my gear if it does not sell?  You can pick up your money or your unsold items between 4-6 pm on Sunday September 27th.  If you do not pick up unsold item by 6pm on Sunday, they are considered a donation to SBSEF. 

What if I have items I want to donate to SBSEF for the Swap?  If you have items you want to donate to SBSEF for a tax write off, contact Tami Strong at (801) 943-5628.

The Swap is an annual fund-raiser to benefit Snowbird Sports Education Foundation which is a 501c3.  25% of all sales will go to SBSEF.  Donations are tax deductible but check with your CPA for details.  Admission is Free and there are no TAG fees. 

For more questions please call (801) 943-5628 for more information.


When: Friday Sept. 25 to Sunday Sept. 27, 2015
Where: Snowbird Resort, Snowbird Center 2nd Level

Friday Sept 25 -- 12 Noon - 7pm
Saturday & Sunday, Sept 26 -27 -- 10am - 6pm

PUBLIC GEAR WILL BE ACCEPTED STARTING AT 12 NOON ON FRIDAY SEPT 27th .  We do not accept gear older than 10 years.

The Swap is Free and there are No TAG fees

25% of the Sales will go to benefit SNOWBIRD SPORTS EDUCATION FOUNDATION

Donations accepted.  Tax write off is possible but contact your CPA for further details

Unsold equipment will need to be picked up by 6pm on Sunday or it will be considered a donation.

Call 801 943-5628 ext. 1 for more details