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Job Position April 4/GS April 5/GS April 6/SL April 7/SL
Start Ref (License) Eric Wollesen (HBW back up) Eric Wollesen (HBW back up) Carol Dain Carol Dain
Finish Ref (LIcense) DDain DDain Darrell Dain DDain
Assitant Starter Gaylen Price Carolyn Flitton Gaylen Price Gabbie Gale
Hand Timer #1 Ron Jones Chris Brooks Chris Brooks Marquet Call 
Hand Timer #2 Lynn Bleil Lynn Bleil Andy Hyer Andy Hyer
Scoreboard Rob Sparrer Jon Gregory Jodi Saeland Jodi Saeland
Road Crossing #1 (headset) Lee Bethers Lee Bethers Lee Bethers Lee Bethers
Road Crossing #2  Michael Phillips Michael Phillips Nic Walker Nic Walker 
Head Gate Keeper Bob Friedrich Bob Friedrich Bob Friedrich Bob Friedrich
Gate Keeper #1 Nate Vorwaller  Sam Cox Emma Kelly Carol Mahany
Gate Keeper #2 Jon Gregory Ron Jones Jack Kelly Jon Gregory
Gate Keeper #3 Parker Paulsen John Kelly Duy Le Jacob Kelly
Gate Keeper #4 John Davis Nic Walker Jon Gregory Eric Wollessen
Gate Keeper #5 Joseph Gregory  Joseph Gregory  Thierry Marchione  
Gate Keeper #6 Todd Grace (no Skis) Jack Kelly Joseph Gregory  Joseph Gregory 
Gate Keeper #7 Jack Kelly John Davis Ron Jones  
Gate Keeper #8 N/A  N/A Jacob Kelly Trevor Anderson (? no reply)
Gate Keeper #9 N/A  N/A   Beatrics Marchione (no skis)
Bib Collector and Sorter Julie Cantera Rob Sparrer Kim/Tom Moon Kim/Tom Moon

alt= alternate volunteers we will 

call you if someone cancels

alt: Jacob & Jack Kelly

Melody Fontaine


alt:Trevor Anderson

Jacob Kelly


Trevor Anderson


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Thursday, April 4, 2019 to Sunday, April 7, 2019