Bridger Call, Executive Director

Bridger grew up skiing in the Wasatch and raced as member of SBSEF, including being named the SBSEF Skier of the Year in 1997.  Bridger returned to SBSEF as a coach from 2004-2007, primarily as the Head J3 Coach. 

From 2007 - 2017 Bridger was the Alpine Program Director and Head Coach for the Jackson Hole Ski & Snowboard Club.  During those years he served on the IMD and Western Region ACC, the Intermountain Division Board of Directors, as well as numerous committees throughout.  In addition to being a part of the governance of skiing in the Western United States, Bridger is a level 300 coach and level 4 Chief of Race, Chief of Course, and Referee, and has hosted hundreds of days of racing from entry level up to Nor Am Cups.

Bridger holds a Masters degree in Planning from the Architecture Department of the University Of Utah.  Bridger and his wife Elisha have two children ages 3 and 5.


Team Office and Hotline Information: 801-943-4889

Executive Director: Bridger Call,

Director of Business & Events: Tami Strong 801-943-5628 or

Accounts and Payments: Jennifer Hoefler 802-233-9601 or



Head Alpine FIS U19 Coach: Kevin Chaffee 801-633-8001

Head Alpine U16 Coach: Fritz Wood 406-581-7068 or

Head Alpine U14 Coach: Ben Reeder 801-860-1070 or

Head Alpine U12-U10 Coach: Bo Maciejko 801-570-2479 or

Head Alpine Development (Devo) Coach: Becky Stone 801-205-3761 or



Freeride Program Director: Siri Wieringa 406-212-3940 or

Freeride Assistant Program Director: Rob Greener 801-699-5318 or

Freeride National Team Head Coach: Oakley White-Allen 

Freeride Regional Team Head Coach: Siri Wieringa 801-406-212-3940 or

Freeride AltaBird Devo Team Head Coach: Tommy Flitton



Snowboard Program Director: Lane Clegg 801-573-7348 or